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Replica of Big Ben is now being Constructed in India

Replica of Big Ben is now being Constructed in India

Sometime in the distant past clock towers served a huge aim, they are today basically appreciated by their aestheticism. Prior to the mid twentieth century, a great many people did not have watches, and before the eighteenth century even home timekeepers were uncommon. From that point clock towers have been showing themselves to individuals with radiance.

As per our chief minister's dream of returning Kolkata into London, her fiery representatives are bringing so as to keep the London dream alive home its most persevering symbol: the Big Ben. We can say it is her first stride to stroll with the brilliant dream.


MLA Sujit Bose and South Dum Municipality executive in-board Mriganka Bhattacharya have emitted a venture to fabricate a "scaled down" impersonation of the Big Ben of Westminster at London.


In accordance with the chairman Mriganka Bhattacharya the outdated plot at the intersection of Lake Town and VIP Road that we needed to improve. The plot being little, something vertical must be based and we hit upon the thought of a tower. Since the CM had verbalized a fantasy to make Kolkata as alluring as London, the Big Ben turned into an undeniable decision as it is the most famous tower in that city.


The first Big Ben is close around 100 meters high above. Also, the proposed the clock's stature tower of Kolkata will be close around 33 meters. It will as tall as a 10 storied building. The tower will be titled by our Chief Minister Mamata banarjee after culmination.

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